Sometimes having too much of blackheads is too awkward and embarrassing! So finally after trying out many scrubs and DIY’s on how to remove blackhead/whiteheads, I looked upon the internet for a product which can efficiently remove all my pesky blackheads! I came upon a list of nose strips and therefore I decided to try one from the list! The very next day, I went to the market and bought one of those nose strips named ‘Cettua Silky and Clear Nose Strip with Witch Hazel’. It claims to be Hypo-allergenic and Dermatologist Tested!


Where I got it from: New Market (Kolkata). You can also get it in any local drugstore. And it’s available online too!

Price: Rs 120

Ingredients –


How to use –


My Experience with Cettua Nose Strips – The Cettua Nose Strips comes in a rectangular box which contains a total of six strips. The nose strips is designed in such a way that it can perfectly fit any nose. The direction to use these strips is clearly mentioned behind the box. You just need to wet your nose and the area beside the nose thoroughly for about 2-3 minutes and then stick the nose strip on your nose. The strip should be kept on the nose for about 15-20 minutes. Once it dries, it would feel a little stiff. After it dries out completely, just pull off the strip carefully but not so gently! The nose would feel a little itchy but once you wash it, it becomes smooth and silky. You can also put a bit of rose water/toner of your choice to shoo away the itchiness!

When I tried this strip, I totally fell in love with these strips! My nose felt blackhead free and smooth, silky and oil free. Due to the annoying pollution, I got a lot of these blackheads and with very little time to try out some DIY’s, I just had to try this out. The results were amazing. All the blackheads (95%) were gone with just one strip! Whoa!!  I have started using these strips every week.


Pros –

  • Designed to fit any nose
  • Reasonably priced
  • Effectively removes blackhead and whiteheads without a mess!
  • Nose feels silky and smooth after use
  • Dermatologist tested

Cons –

  • A little bit of itchiness after pulling off the strip

Recommendation –


I am totally in love with these strips and I would recommend everyone to try out these strips! I would keep using these strips for sure.

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